i genuinely dont know what i'm doing


hi, my name is key and i've never done anything wrong in my life ever.
if anybody says otherwise they're lying and you shouldn't believe them

anyways, i like to code and stuff. i'm not good at it though. i spent way too much time deciding on the 'aesthetic' of this page before realizing i just don't care.

entp/entj, 4w5

i like rapala pro bass fishing and my life goal is to own a copy of it. i can make a mean ham and tomato sandwich.

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thgak you for visiting my web site!1!1!!!!

hello, and welcome to my site! this place serves as a profile/journal/vent for me. i will be updating it to make it less bland, when i have actual ideas. click the links below for more information about me (still a work in progress)

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